Edison High School students learning how to install solar panels

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Monday morning Edison High School Juniors learned solar panel installation 101. Before they could harness the power of the sun, they needed to learn safety. That involves hard hats and harnesses. Most panels will be installed on roofs and today their learning a very valuable lesson, how to not fall off.

"They are going to learn how the pull works and just all the safety that is around the ridge of the roof," said Karina Gonzalez, Grid Alternatives Workforce development director.

Their lifeline is this tether, known as the Personal Fall Arrest System.

"Let's say if I am falling and the cord would be yanked I would be held in place preventing myself from injury," said Damian Aguilera junior at Edison High School.

This weeks lesson brought to them by nonprofit - Grid Alternatives. They bring renewable energy and job training to underserved communities. By the end of their three-week training, 33 students will be certified in safety. They'll also learn how to build and install panels.

"The solar industry is growing tremendously," said Gonzalez. "The more that we can give these opportunities to students and introduce them to this industry the better chance we'll have of our industry growing."

All students involved are part of the Green Energy and Technologies Academy. It prepares sophomores through seniors for the clean energy industry and gives them college skills.

"That is really what it's about, It's for them to learn those valuable skills and talents that they can use in the future," said John Berg Green Energy Academy lead teacher.

Students will build a small solar panel by the end of the week-long program.

They won't install panels on homes until they are seniors.
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