Fresno City College students unhappy with new rule regarding FAX

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- On the campus of Fresno City College, news is spreading quickly about a flier that tells students, "Bus pass services will no longer be added to their cards after the spring semester."

"It's horrible that they are cutting it off because a lot of people use it," says FCC student Aaron Lopez.

Lopez says he is one of those people, riding the FAX bus to school on days when he has no other way to get there.

"It's one quick ride, Lopez said. "One bus takes me straight here."

MaKayla Tait says she takes the bus every day because it's her only option.

"It's so much easier and saves a ton of money, especially when you're buying books, paying tuition and everything," says MaKayla Tait, another FCC student.

Since 2017, Fresno City College has been making it possible for students who purchase an ID card to ride the FAX bus for free.

It started off as a pilot program to help alleviate parking issues during the solar project construction.

But the money was coming out of the parking revenue fund, which officials say created financial challenges down the line.

"Parking revenue is supposed to be paying for the maintenance of our parking lots, and so since we've been using bus passes, we have been not doing the maintenance we should have been for the last couple years," says State Center Community College District Vice Chancellor Christine Miktarian.

Now with the new change, Tait says she'll have to find a way to come up with the extra money.

"It won't be good," Tait said. "I'll have to find every nook and cranny in my room just to find a quarter to pay for the transit."

And without a convenient way to get to class, some students could put the brakes on their education.

"If people can't get to school, they won't come because it'll be out of their way and they'll just focus on other things," Tait said.
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