Fresno County announces 2018/2019 budget plans

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno County is about to tackle its more than $3 billion budget for the coming fiscal year.

County Administrator Jean Rousseau outlined the budget proposals at a news conference today.

Priorities include boosting justice services including hiring more corrections officers in the Sheriff's Department and the Public Defender's office.

The county is also hoping to boost its reserve fund to about $10 million. Another priority is remodeling the historic Hall of Records Building.

"We are going to redo our board chambers which is long overdue. They are small chambers. This will expand the number of folks that can come to our meetings, and modernize the chambers," Fresno County Administrator Jean Rousseau.

Remodeling will cost about $6 million. The board of supervisors will begin hearings on the more than $3 billion budget on Monday.
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