Fresno Unified continuing program to keep parents involved in schoolwork

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- When schools were forced to close, families quickly adjusted to distance learning.

But now that most schools are wrapping up for the summer, Fresno Unified's Parent University is hoping to keep families engaged by offering online classes parents can take part in.

The idea is to allow parents access to real-time student data, like academic performance and learning how to communicate with teachers and counselors.

Wednesday was the first class.

"This is the first pilot," says Maiyer Vang. "We're going to continue on with more of the evening sessions."

Fresno Unified hopes to cover a wide range of topics through these virtual classes.

According to administrators, a number of families have reached out to the district during the pandemic saying that getting emails is a challenge.

That's why plans are in the works to offer classes on basic computer skills and how to set up an email account.

"Next week's webinar will be focused on learning the different types of computers and the history of computers," Vang said. "And investigate some software to help them at home."

The collaboration between Fresno Unified and Parent University began 10 years ago and has seen been duplicated by many schools across the state.

The program works to connect parents to not only the district but the community as well.

Administrators believe when families are engaged, students perform better academically

"I would encourage families, even if you missed out today," Vang said. "Our session is in English, Spanish and Hmong and if you missed out today, there is more opportunities coming soon."

For more information, you can visit their website.
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