Bullard High students sit in on real CA Court of Appeal cases

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- While English, math, and history still remain the core curriculum, some Bullard High students are also learning what it takes to be a judge or an attorney.

Tuesday, the Fresno Unified school hosted the California Court of Appeal. It wasn't for show, the judges held court and presided over two important cases.

"This is exactly the way we hear these cases and present these cases at the Court of Appeal," law pathway teacher Chelsea Geraci-Milliorn.

The Fifth District Court of Appeal typically holds court in downtown Fresno. But officials will occasionally venture out to different locations in the community.

Tuesday's event was held in the school's theater as a way to give young adults with law aspirations an up-close look at our judicial system and how it works.

"We can only show them so much. We can show them pictures and movies and homework and talking and discussion but this is really what the Career Technical Education component is. They see it in action. This is really happening," Geraci-Milliorn said.

Freshmen Hayden Sarment-Walder and Audrie Whitely are both enrolled in the law pathway program on campus. They say Tuesday's event only helped solidify their passion for law and strengthen their desire to be lawyers someday.

"I can just get enough influence and just learn about how important this is. And if I want to take this to the next level and what I need to do to do it," Sarment-Walder said.

"I think it's showing me a lot more that things take so long and that everything takes a long time. It's really important that it shapes someone's life and this could really affect them," Whitley said.

The law pathway program is in its fourth year at Bullard. Administrators hope to bring similar events to the campus in the future.
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