California students being judged by a new standard

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The state of California released the results of brand new standardized test that students took this past year. (KFSN)

The state of California released the results of brand new standardized test that students took this past year.

For the first time, students across California took a brand new standardized test called the "Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment." The exam for third through eighth graders, and 11th graders, is based on the state's new common core standards.

In a press conference Superintendent Michael Hanson detailed Fresno Unified's results with some qualifications.

Hanson said, "Largely everything that our teachers were used to and our principals were used to has changed in the last couple of years. New standards were adopted so everything that is being taught to kids has changed."

In English language, just 27-percent of Fresno Unified students either met or exceeded the state's standards. At Clovis Unified 60-percent, with Central and Visalia unified hitting the mark at 31-percent and 42-percent respectively.

As for math, most school districts we talked to, told us they fared worse than expected, and that may be because of how the state wants schools to teach math now -- with more writing and explanation.

18-percent of Fresno Unified's students met or exceeded the state's standards on the new test. With 50 percent of Clovis Unified, 22-percent of Central Unified, and 29-percent of Visalia Unified's students.

Superintendent Hanson says he's concerned and the new state test doesn't paint the whole picture. The district has just recently received more funding for low income students, extended the school day for half of its elementary schools and just purchased brand new math textbooks.

"None of these things are quick fixes," said Hanson. "But we think by adding them and building one on top of another they all continue to build a web of support for youth."

The results are an overall look at each district. Individual students' results are expected sometime next month.

Tap or click the link if you're curious where your school district stands:
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