Central Unified School District preparing children for kindergarten

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Inside this McKinley Elementary School classroom making a butterfly is messy work. It takes the right design to make it pop and the appropriate colors to make it flutter.

"Blue, green, then I am going to use yellow, then red, then orange and purple," said 5-year-old Mateo Hernandez.

With the help of teachers, it is not so hard. Through painting and coloring, these soon to be kindergartners are learning what awaits them after the summer break.

The Central Unified School District's Kindergarten Readiness Program is showing about 80 kids, what school is all about and they're teaching them through the theme of the rainforest.

"They are painting, they are creating all of these great projects, singing, dancing and all of the math and literacy is built in so they are learning while they are having fun," said Preschool supervisor Wendy Hernandez.

For three weeks children will come to class three hours a day and learn fundamental academic and social skills.

"We want them to develop that love for learning, love for reading and really know that a school is really an amazing place for them," she said.

Hernandez said those who attend preschool or similar programs, are more likely to be successful in school.

"They've learned 80% of all of their learning by the time they are five years old," she said. "The work that we need to do before they are five is essential."

According to Hernandez at the end of the program, children are eager to come back as students.
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