Changes at Clovis Unified: Crisis hotline numbers added to the back of student ID cards

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Clovis Unified is gearing up for back to school. In just one week thousands of students will return to the classroom.

But at two schools students may notice something different with their ID cards.

In an effort to create a safe space for learning, Clovis East High School and Reyburn Intermediate have launched a pilot program stressing the importance of seeking support in school.

The ID cards are used to check out books in the school library, sit in the student section at games, and access most student services--a student ID card could save a life.

"We just see a rising need for kids to have access to the support they need," said Reagan Education Center Principal Kevin Kerney.

He says it is an effort to make sure students know they are not alone in times of crisis.

Both Reyburn Intermediate and Clovis East High school students now have resources including crisis, drug abuse and suicide prevention listed on the back of their ID cards.

"When I see it whether it's at another Clovis school if we're talking about suicide or even a school outside of Clovis it's hard to see and the accumulation of those things is what sparked this card idea," said Kerney.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, suicide is the third leading cause of death for youth between ages 10 to 24 --resulting in approximately 4,600 deaths nationwide.

Addressing the social pressures of school or problems at home, Clovis Support Intervention or CSI groups are held district-wide.

Working one on one with students in the Responsibility Center, Monica Castillo says it is important to recognize every situation is unique.

"Whether I deem it small or big, they deem it big, so you have to look at that and help guide them through that teach them coping strategies," said Student Responsibility Center Monica Castillo.

She says signs are posted in each classroom and throughout campus letting students know they have academic and emotional support options are on hand.

"It's having the awareness available to them and having them understand that you can meet with a custodian, campus monitor and they're all there to make sure you're safe," said Castillos.

Though the ID's are starting out only at Clovis East and Reyburn, districtwide, there are hundreds of teachers that are trained in suicide prevention.
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