Clovis pharmacy school expanding

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A pharmacy school in Clovis is expanding.

Student Michael Farr is learning the ins and outs of the pharmacy profession. "Because we have to know the correct drugs to prescribe to the patients and we have to be able to assess whether the doctors are prescribing the correct drugs and dosages," Farr said.

Farr is a second-year student at the California Health Sciences University in Clovis. He is in a class of 60 students studying to be a pharmacist. The four-year doctor of pharmacy program started in 2012 and now is expanding.

"So, two classrooms two classes and the professional program is four years long so we needed to have an extra classroom," said provost Wendy Duncan. "Extra study space for the third year of our program."

Duncan says the school is expanding, with a new building going up across the street.

The 17,000 square foot building will include classrooms for a student lounge, study spaces and offices. The second, new 9,500 square foot building will come with a clinic and offices, something third-year students are looking forward to. "I'm really excited," Farr said. "They're going to be opening up a clinic there where we'll be able to see patients alongside with faculty and really get that hands on experience there."

The building should be done this summer in time for next school year.

The class of students stands at 60 right now to allow for concentrated teaching. With changes in health care in the works, faculty are excited for the future.
"We see the profession really exploding in the next few years as these extra opportunities expand for the profession," Duncan said.

The California Health Sciences University will graduate its first class in 2018.
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