Clovis Unified is hiring teachers

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Hundreds of teachers headed to Clovis on Friday for a chance at a new job. Clovis Unified School District is hiring, hoping to lower class sizes and create specialty programs.

Multi-subject elementary school teacher Christina Rowland is hoping to snag one of Clovis Unified's openings. After taking some time off to raise her children, Rowland says she's ready to get back to doing what she loves. She said, "Fantastic! It was so easy. We just walked right in, there were people here directing us, telling us where to go. We sat down, I just felt really relaxed."

Rowland is one of several hundred people who headed out to Clovis Unified's Teacher Job Fair. Candidates interviewed for 45 minutes after handing in their applications. P.E. teacher candidate Kaycee King said, "I love it. It was actually less stressful knowing there were a bunch of people in there and not just me and 10 people on a panel."

The district is hiring 100 new teachers, with goals to cut down class sizes, accommodate growth and use state money to help students who are low income, English learners or foster children.

Barry Jager, Associate Superintendent for Human Resources for Clovis Unified, said, "English Language Arts as well as mathematics, so that's an opportunity for us, that's a growth opportunity and we're seeking those specialty positions."

Jager says the specialty positions also help the district successfully fill positions during a nationwide teacher shortage. School districts here in the Valley say the need for new teachers is high. Teachers told us the current job market is perfect for them.

Rowland said, "They're looking for people who not only love to teach children but inspire children. So, they're really looking for those key points in applicants but I do feel like if you want to teach, get in now."

If you'd still like to apply for a teaching position with Clovis Unified you can do so through their Ed Join site. Click here for more information.

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