Clovis West High School students getting inside look at finance industry with brand new career pathway

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Students will be taking on the role of bank teller this school year as part of a new Clovis Unified Career Pathway at Clovis West High School.

Senior Ashley Criesi said she couldn't pass up the opportunity to be part of the new banking and finance career pathway. She and 23 other students took part in 80 hours of bank telling training over the summer to help them for their work at EECU. She wants to work in the finance industry.

"It was a little scary because I'm not used to working with people, but I got a lot more comfortable with it and they were very easy to work with. And so, I'm happy I have this experience."

Officials have been planning for several years to build the $3-million fully functioning Educational Employees Credit Union branch at Clovis West High School. Aside from normal bank features, there's also a couple classroom that are part of the new construction.

Principal Dr. Marc Hammack said students will share their time between working at the bank and learning in the classroom.

"So they're actually taking their English 11 or 12 class and there's embedded curriculum, bank and finance curriculum, within that English class. So they're getting English credits and as well as getting CTE credits for being in the bank."

There are personalized touches everywhere you look here at the Clovis West EECU branch, including a letterman's jacket hanging on the wall.

EECU officials said they are happy to be giving back to the community and business has actually been pretty good so far this school year.

"We were kind of surprised, even the first day we opened we made a couple of loans. And we didn't even expect to have much business to start with," said Jim Lowe, EECU.

"As a business owner, I love the fact that CTE programs promote a well trained skilled workforce that benefits our local business communities," said Christopher Casado, Clovis Unified School Board.

Many are hoping those skills are carried on after the students receive their high school diplomas.
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