Fresno business focusing on STEM pathways for children

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Knowledge is being passed on at Innoved in Northeast Fresno. (KFSN)

Knowledge is being passed on at Innoved in Northeast Fresno.

Student Diana Acosta said, "That we get to learn new things about coding, robotics."

Dozens of students got their weekly lessons about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Innoved is an enrichment center started by Dr. Ellie Honardoost, who quit her job and put all her savings in this business to pursue her mission.

"The world is evolving very quickly. Technology has completely changed, the landscape of what our kids need to know and we don't have the workforce that can teach that to children."

Dr. Honardoost said her center focuses on coding, design, and robotics-- the three legs of innovation. She believes training is needed now because jobs will become more automated.

"You and I competed with our neighborhood for a job. Our children are going to have to compete globally. So if you code for a living and a child in India codes for a living, who costs half as much as you do, you better be twice as good."

Dr. Honardoost said that starts by helping kids shift their mindset from being consumers to creators. While she has pursued her passion, she says it's been difficult shifting people's mindsets.

"We've been in Fresno 15 months and we're barely keeping our doors open. Parents are still investing more in athletics than they do academics."

Dr. Honardoost said America ranks among the lowest in the world for STEM education. As for her students like Liam Shinn, they have enjoyed the technology process.

"I like just doing all the projects because I don't think I can do this anywhere else."

Shinn's already on track if he wants to become a programmer in the future.

Dr. Honardoost said by engaging kids early in STEM learning, they will be able to inspire them to pursue careers that will hopefully stay here in the Valley and impact our community.
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