Fresno City College choir group prepares for performance of a lifetime in New York City

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A symphony of sounds is echoing from this Fresno City College auditorium.

The voices of the "Fresno Chorale" blend in perfect harmony.

This summer they're taking their talent to a different stage, one of the most recognized and celebrated in the world -- Carnegie Hall in New York.

"Carnegie Hall is sort of our crowning achievement," said Gena Chambers. "I mean anybody who is anybody has walked across that stage."

Choral music director Julie Dana says it's a dream come true.

They'll perform three musical pieces, opening the second half of a concert.

While her students sing to the concert's theme of unity, she'll conduct.

"They know how exciting it is, but I'm not sure they understand the full significance of this stage and how to do it," Dana said. "You don't really do that until you stand up there and look out there and go wow!"

This is a first for the college.

The attending choir is 40 strong but even with only about a dozen students rehearsing they pack a punch.

It's giving many a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and explore.

Some have never ventured outside the state like music major Alysha Jenkins

I"ve been doing choir for five years now," she said. "And like I've done other big things, but this is definitely the biggest one."

The opportunity wasn't handed to them; they had to fight for it.

They sent in audition tapes, impressed the committee and were invited to sing.

"Screaming, yelling, clapping," Dana said. "I told the kids first before I told any of the administration."

"I just joined the City Singers, I was like okay cool, I got through the audition, this will be fun," said sophomore Edward Gorostiza. "And then she was like, hey, we're going to New York. I was like cool. We're going to New York."

Before they head out, they're giving back to the community for helping them raise money.

They'll be doing a free concert at Shrine of St Therese Church Sunday, June 2 at 3 p.m.
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