Fresno City College receives $1 million boost to Career and Technical Education program

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Right now robots are being used at Fresno City College as part of their Career and Technical Education Program also known as CTE.

Very soon the program will have enough funds to incorporate even more machines into its courses, thanks to a $1 million boost from the state budget.

"Often times the valley lags behind as the rest of the nation enjoys economic prosperity, this investment of $1 million in equipment and supplies will help our Valley residents gain a piece of that economic prosperity too," said Dr Carole Goldsmith president as Fresno City College.

The check was presented by Assemblyman Doctor Joaquin Arambula.

He helped secure the funding to increase job training and career opportunities.

"We are going to be working with robots and we have to have a workforce that will actually be able to work on the robots," said Arambula. "Today's investment will allow a new generation of workers to be able to enjoy the newer technologies."

The money is expected to help 100 additional students per year. With distribution facilities like Amazon and Ulta opening up in the region, the skills learned in the CTE program are vital in securing a job.

"We know there are good jobs out there that are going unfilled because there is not a prepared workforce," said Goldsmith. "Fresno City College stands ready to prepare that workforce."

Senior Naomi Garzan is an electrical systems technology major. It's a career path that's opened up a lot of doors for her.

She knows the donation will help even more students find the same success.

"There are not enough words for me to express my gratitude and encourage students to take advantage of those opportunities, because they are always there, it is just always having and wanting to go get those opportunities," she said.

The college is hoping to distribute the funds by next semester. For them, that day can't come soon enough.
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