Fresno City College students will be able to take free FAX bus rides once fall semester begins

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno City College campus will soon be swarming with over 30,000 students-- parking spaces are valuable if you find one.

"It's like you're hunting. That's what we call our hunting license, the parking permit," said April Negron, FCC student.

Many students are used to taking the FAX Bus to school and back, but now they will be able to hop on for free. A partnership with the City of Fresno will allow the school to pay student fares at a reduced rate.

FCC President Carole Goldsmith said, "Students have a little bit of skin in the game as well. They have to purchase their student body card to be eligible for using this bus pass throughout the city."

The Student Body Card only costs $5, so it will more than pay for itself if you need a ride to school or anywhere else.

"It's going to help them all the way around, especially job searching or going to work. It's going to be a relief," said Chuck Rodriguez, FCC student.

By using the free bus pass many students will have more money to spend on books, food, and rent.

"I travel quite far to get to school and I use Uber, and Uber racks up quick, so I'm spending like $90 a week," said Negron.

It is hoped the service will improve the air quality and alleviate the parking lot traffic jams. But parking at City College was an issue even when Fresno Mayor Lee Brand was a student there 45 years ago.

"I always got here late. I would park about a mile away and had to run to class. Sometimes a train would come."

The free FAX Bus service is a one-year pilot program.
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