Fresno City College working with Financial Aid students impacted by government shutdown

While winter break is in the last few days at Fresno City College the campus is busy with students registering for the spring semester and applying for financial aid.

Students requesting FAFSA had to deal with setback due to the government shutdown.

"The students impacted currently are students that have not been able to obtain certain tax documents that are required and that's due to the IRS being shut down," said Mikki Johnson, Director of Financial Aid for Fresno City College.

Late Wednesday the Department of Education released new guidelines for colleges and universities allowing alternative documents from students.

Instead of requesting a tax return transcript from the IRS students can now bring a copy of their recent tax return or a written statement on why they did not file or why they were not required to file a return.

"We identified those students that are currently enrolled for this spring semester that have those documents missing from their financial aid file. And we will be sending them a customized email," she said.

Johnson pointed out Fresno City College will work with those students so they can receive their money in the next week.

"And so there is nothing more they will need to do. We take in all of the documentation and once that is corrected by the Department of Education, then we move forward with determining their eligibility and determine the amount of their award," she said.

Johnson added students who have not paid fees for the spring semester will not be dropped from their courses.

Classes at Fresno City College in Central Fresno begin on Monday.
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