Fresno State meets and exceeds enrollment

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A new semester means new students at Fresno State, and just like past years, the university said it is meeting and even exceeding enrollment.

"We probably get anywhere from 400 to 1,000 new students that are transfers depending on the year," said Frank Lamas Vice President of student affairs and enrollment management.

More students mean more competition. For the first time, junior Devyn Contreras was dropped from a class and two of her courses conflicted. She needs two more classes now she has to scramble to replace them.

"It is not going to be fun because the class is full there is probably not going to be any seats there it is definitely going to be a couple of students around really awkward around class," said Contreras.

The setback means she might graduate later, which Lamas said they see often.

"I think it is more typical for students to graduate in five to six years I think life gets in the way," said Lamas.

That is the case for natural science major Cristian Gomez.

"I have changed my major plenty of times, so it has put me behind at least one and a half years," Gomez.

Staying longer means seats do not open up as frequently, that is why Lamas said students are encouraged to take 15 units per semester.

"With that obviously we have to have the right classes for them and we work very hard to provide those classes," said Lamas.

Right now graduation rates for freshman are 50 percent meanwhile transfer students are at 70 percent and with more students attending each semester Lamas said they'll continue trying to boost those numbers.
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