Fresno students bring healing and hope to cancer survivors

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Students at Central Unified's Harvest Elementary School came together to start work on an art project that will offer hope to those battling cancer.

Instead of the usual lessons math and science or on reading and writing students at the school were given a lesson on the art of life.

Jenelle Higton, Art of Life Cancer Foundation Executive Director, said, "They have been give one mission and that is to color messages of hope for those with cancer. And this is to show our community that we're behind them."

The Art of Life Cancer Foundation teams up with community groups, churches and schools to create art projects that offer support and courage to those battling cancer.

Harvest Elementary has a special connection to the program. Board president and breast cancer survivor Jenna Sawdon-Bea has three children who attend class there.

"Harvest and the teachers were so supportive when I was going through treatment," said Sawdon-Bea. "And they really I think kept a really good eye on my kids as everything transitioned through my cancer journey."

Ever since Sawdon-Bea won her battle with cancer she joined forces with the school to help students learn how to give back to the community.

Sawdon-Bea added, "And basically sending messages to people who are going through a rough time or going through cancer treatment, that they're behind them. And I think the big message is that you are never too young to get involved."

When the sculpture is complete it will be the center piece for Art of Life Healing Garden at Woodward Park. Construction is underway and is expected to be completed in time for the unveiling in late September.

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