Fresno teachers union asking for three district leaders be placed on leave

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- In light of a federal investigation, a teachers union is asking Fresno Unified to place 3 district leaders on administrative leave.

John Bath is used to talking in front of crowds. He's a high school teacher but when he stepped to the podium at the district's school board meeting, he was nervous. "We can do better," Bath said, "we can be a great district."

He had 3 minutes to let Fresno Unified and the Superintendent, Michael Hanson, know how he feels but he only needed a few seconds, "you can not lead by power point and I respectfully ask you to resign," he said to the superintendent.

The district is in a tough spot. 3 top officials, including the superintendent are being investigated by the FBI for questionable construction deals and the use of bond measure money. The feds will be looking through phone records, documents and emails dating back to 2009. The school board considered hiring attorneys - it didn't happen but the Fresno Teachers Association says even the thought is too much.

Tish who is the FTA president said, "put them on administrative leave if they can't do their jobs effectively."

4 hours later, Superintendent Hanson took a break to respond, "I am employed by the board but I work for the kids of this city and I have strong support from the board to continue doing what I've been charged to do."

Still, John Bath, the high school teacher says things are off track. He was at the meeting to speak to the board for a few short minutes but it's the students he's worried about.

The FTA is also accusing the superintendent of shredding documents and Hanson says it is not true.

As for the investigation, all of the documents the FBI is requesting will have to be handed over next month.
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