Fresno Unified kicks off the new school year, unveils new high school

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Unified is opening a brand new high school, the Phillip J. Patiño of Entrepreneurship. Monday, the new school will open with 150, 10th graders and each year add a new class of 10th graders. Students will attend their freshman year at their regional high school.

The Phillip J. Patiño School of Entrepreneurship will offer an exciting course of study that connects students to their passions and provides real-world applications for what they are studying. Students will make choices on their educational direction and learning path. Students will meet regularly with mentors from the business community and will develop and test new ideas. These ideas will become businesses that students will run their senior year of school.

Students will learn real-world business skills through the traditional course subjects of math, English, social studies, and science and acquire the academic, entrepreneurial and technological skills they will need for college and career.
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