Fresno Unified students at a new entrepreneurship high school showed off their skills

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Students at Fresno Unified's new entrepreneurship high school showed off their business skills Wednesday. Meeting with local companies about the websites they created for them. The students are doing real work for the businesses and Wednesday they got feedback about the progress they've made.

Fire Squad Fresno got it's first look at what students at Phillip J. Patino's School of Entrepreneurship created for their new website. The Fresno Fuego Fan Club is one of dozens of companies partnering with the school to help students gain real-world business experience. "Basically, today, we're getting in contact with our clients, we're talking to our clients, we're showing the work we got done, landing pages, we made slogans," said Zachary Villasana,10th grade.

From interior design to fitness clubs the students are creating web pages and logos as part of their web development and online marketing classes. Wednesday they unveiled their work to the companies. "I am super impressed. I pictured an older student crowd, and to see such young faces and the level of professionalism they brought to the table," said Rosalinda Verde, Green Rose Productions.

The entrepreneurship high school runs 10th through 12th grade. By the end of their senior year students will have started their very own business. "So much in education you talk about, 'you'll use this down the road.' In 4-5 years the payoff is they've built something, and then, they get instant feedback from a clients. And the good thing it's not all good feedback," said Brett Taylor, Principal.

"The hardest part was picking colors because she has four different colors in her logo," said Esperanza Joya, 10th grade.

Most students said they always wanted to be business owners. Villasana hopes taking a leap of faith and committing to the Patino School will give him a head start in reaching his career goals. "When I heard about this school and what they had to provide for me, I jumped at the idea. It was hard at first, but by taking this step I'm making a step for a better future."

The students plan on meeting with the businesses at least once more this year, applying the feedback they received to the websites and logos they're developing.
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