Hoover Student Officer says Leadership Honed her Skills

Being involved in the Student Advisory Board (SAB) was an amazing and fulfilling opportunity to stay informed and involved in the district's progress through collaboration with representatives from other Fresno high schools.

Coming together with the representatives from Duncan Polytechnical, Hoover, Sunnyside, Cambridge, McLane, DeWolf, Design Science, Bullard, Roosevelt, Fresno, and Edison twice a month gave me insight into and gratitude for the other high school activities happening on their campuses and allowed me to bring new ideas back to Hoover to implement.

Hearing about different ideas and events has broadened possibilities on how to keep the campus culture on track. To see the impact of student government at Hoover is incredibly moving and inspiring. In my four-year SAB and student government experience, we have shaped Hoover into an accepting and encouraging environment. We were a small, but determined group of individuals able to achieve our goals through the endless effort and passion from all the officers I worked with. It has proven to me that hard work never goes unnoticed.

My experience has allowed me to develop team working skills. It's taught me that hard work doesn't always result in success, but learning how to triumph over the losses and improve as a team has improved my integrity, passion and care for Hoover as a whole.

The Human Element kindness campaign has tremendously improved the mood at Hoover. Coming onto campus, you can feel the care we have for one another. We constantly advocate, "Remember who you are and what you represent." Implementing the Human Element on campus has given the students the opportunity to become a part of something much greater. Human Element advocates for life-long lessons in learning how to accept one another despite where we come from and our differences.

We do this by having Human Element Week and Multicultural Week, where we have lunch time activities revolving around the day's lesson or theme. We also put together a video advocating kindness to inspire our peers to contribute to the campaign by spreading kindness and peace around campus and in their day-to-day lives.

Being a part of Hoover means being a part of amazing and engaging events, such as our recent Power Puff football game. We switched it up a bit: girls were the football players and the boys were the cheerleaders and performed a halftime routine.

To keep the Pates informed and engaged on campus, we've created a Snapchat account for the students to follow. We post daily events, reminders and also show off our fun lunch time activities, put on by Leadership. Out hashtag #particiPATE is spreading like a wildfire, encouraging students to join in on all the activities around campus.

It isn't always fun and games when it comes to us Pates. We know how to get down on AP testing, with tons of AP review sessions and practice testing. With graduation fast approaching, we are cherishing these last high school memories. One thing I will never forget: How welcomed I felt by the amazing teachers and students in my classes. Attending Hoover was one of the best decisions I have made thus far, and graduating from Hoover is an honor.
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