Living wax museum brings history to life at Dixieland Elementary School in Madera

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- With the push of a button, they came to life. Historical figures, icons, and athletes all under one roof at the Dixieland Elementary School for the living wax museum.

"They research, they do a report, they find out everything about their person, they get a costume, and they come up with a speech," said 4th-grade teacher Melissa Flores.

For the last two months, fourth-grade students have been hard at work putting all together. Flores curated the annual wax museum, four years ago. She says at first kids are little nervous, but once they put on their costumes, they transform.

"They start getting really excited, and about two weeks ago some of the ones that were still scared said,"I am so excited about doing this, this is the best thing ever," said Flores.

Jose Mendez chose to become president John F. Kennedy, "To me, he seems like a good person to be president because he worked with the civil rights leaders."

Others like Jackelyn Gutierrez chose someone they look up to. Today she's Amelia Earhart, "When I was a little girl I always dreamed of flying an airplane."

She has not ridden on a plane quite yet, but for this role, no flying experience is required.

"You can be like the person, give a speech and can teach other kids about a person they don't know about," said Gutierrez.

.It also gave students a creative outlet. Leah Macias dressed as Sacajawea, the Native American woman who helped the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Her outfit comes complete with accessories and even a baby.

"I like the jewelry," she said.

Students were able to come through and learn about 25 different figures.
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