Local craftsman gives back to his former university with his craft

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A local university is using the craftsmanship of one of it's former students to save money while also furnishing the campus.

Walk into any room on Fresno Pacific University's campus and there's a strong chance Adam Wall, or one of his colleagues, has built a piece of furniture in it. "It's a really great feeling to create something that's useful-- to make a tool basically," said Wall.

Wall, an alumnus of Fresno Pacific, works full time at the college's woodworking shop. He spent years working at his dad and uncle's custom furniture shop growing up and now he makes a whole range of pieces for the school.

Wall is in the shop working every day, performing everything from custom work orders to pieces he designs himself. From a 14-foot intricately designed conference table, reception desks, and coffee tables-- Wall said he tries to build whatever the university needs. "The concept, I think, years ago was the fact that the university was a parsimonious group that didn't have a lot of money," explained Wall.

University officials said the wood shop has been around more than 50 years. It not only saves them money but also helps the college flourish thanks to the skills of it's students. "We're very proud, as a university, to have that kind of expertise that works for us, that's gifted in those areas and for us it's a benefit because we can build something for a fraction of a cost," said Gary Metcalf, Fresno Pacific University.

The facility is in no way a mass production shop so there are times officials have to look elsewhere to buy furniture. Wall said his job is fulfilling-- allowing him to express himself while also addressing campus needs. "Oh yeah I love it, that's why I do it, because you're basically problem-solving for people. They come to you and say 'I need this to accomplish this' and you get to make that tangible result," explained Wall.

Building, sanding, and piecing together what the university will use for years to come.
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