McLane High sticks to outdoor graduation tradition despite heat

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Despite Tuesdays's triple digit forecast, McLane High School is sticking with tradition by holding its graduation ceremony outdoors.

The stage is set, the signs are being hung at Mclane's stadium in preparation for the night's graduation ceremony.

The 385 student senior class will take their seats in these chairs, celebrating four years of hard work.

Principal Scott Lamm says he was an elementary school principal for some of the graduates.

"Some of these students I have known since their kindergarten year," he said. "I told students this morning during practice I'm probably going to cry but I'm okay with that."

The students had one final run-through that morning at 8 a.m.

They chose to stick with the school's 56-year tradition and graduate outside in the school stadium. Lamm, a 1977 graduate himself, says they're taking plenty of precautions to help people deal with the heat.

For one, a cold water bottle will be placed under each graduate's chair.

"We have our football team for the upcoming year they'll be at the bottom of every staircase and they'll be passing out water to all the people," he said. "Our basketball team is also going to be selling some drinks and things so we feel confident it's going to be a great night tonight."

Hundreds of chairs will also be set up in the school's air-conditioned cafeteria where a live broadcast of the event will be projected on a screen for those who don't want to brave the hot weather.

As for Mclane's school band, playing in the valley's summer heat is something they're used to but the students playing tonight are excited...but will be missing some of the seniors they'll be losing this year.

"We are excited to say goodbye and to start something I see some sad faces but happy faces," teacher Megan Day said.
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