New Medical Career Pathway at Fowler High School

FOWLER, Calif. (KFSN) -- A brand new career pathway isn't just giving high school students a look into the medical field; it's letting them experience it hands-on.

Fowler High School students are taking their learning out of the classroom. 22 seniors and two juniors are part of Fowler High School's brand new Medical Careers Pathway. The commitment is big -- students take a two-hour class every day.

Recently, the teens have been heading to Manning Gardens on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Manning Gardens is a convalescent and rehab facility just west of Fowler. The students do everything from help perform activities for elderly patients to shadow certified nursing assistants and RNs. They're getting an inside look at different medical professions.

Fowler High School student Angelica Ramirez said, "I was helping the CNA take the patients to the rooms and helping them change the beds and just talking, interacting with the patients."

Villa Bauer Still, Medical Careers Pathway teacher, said, "They're going to be going out in the world soon and it's really giving them some ideas for what they want to do after high school."

Bauer Still is a registered nurse and Fowler High School graduate. She's spearheading the new program. She doesn't just take the students outside of the classroom; she also brings guest speakers from the medical field in to talk to the students.

Rainder Johal, Fowler High School student, said, "Not only do we go and learn stuff but they're happy to have us there. They help us, they teach us how to make beds how to assist patients, how to change them."

The people who work at Manning Gardens say Fowler High's new program isn't just good for the students, it's great for patients. Administrator Ronald Kinnersley said, "It's very nice to have the young people to do some inter-generational things for our patients."

Getting a taste of a possible future career while also helping out in the community.

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