Only Armenian School in the Central Valley is expanding

A small school in Clovis is making big plans for the future.

Charlie Keyan Armenian Community School was just approved to increase enrollment to 220 students.

"Our enrollment cap from the city of Clovis was at 120. So we couldn't go over 120. So we've grown to that cap and we needed to grow past that cap," said Principal Curtis Shamlin.

He added that he is getting request on a daily basis for new student enrollment, so much a waiting list is starting to grow for the next school year.

The increased enrollment allows Keyan School to expand its Pre-K Classes to 60 students.

In December a new Pre-K Potty Training Class opened to 11 students.

Children as young as two years old learn to read, write and sing.

"It is very fun to work with younger kids. Because every day they can do something new and you can learn from them about a lot of things," said Teacher Haykuhi Hakobyan.

Construction on a new library and tech center is expected to be complete next month.

A new basketball court, courtyard, outdoor stage, and drop-off zone were also added this school year.

But Shamlin is most proud of the new Armenian Language Wing.

Two classrooms students focus on Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian dialects.

"We have non-Armenian students too. You are going to be able to read, write and speak Armenian when you leave. You will be biliterate and bilingual by the time you leave here," said Shamlin.

The new additions on campus were made possible through a three hundred thousand dollar donation from the Grace Kazarian Family Foundation.

Charlie Keyan Armenian Community School is the only Armenian school between the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

"This school is a diamond that people don't really know about but they are starting to get to know more about this school," said Shamlin.
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