Pomona student is 1 of 55 in the world to get perfect AP Spanish exam score

POMONA, Calif. -- A senior at Garey High School in Pomona became one of only 55 students in the world to get a perfect score on the Advanced Placement Spanish and Culture exam.

Karina Aguilar has a 4.8 GPA and is involved in various extracurricular activities including taking part in tennis, soccer, drama and the Associated Student Body, Pomona Unified School District officials said in a press release.

The 17-year-old's perfect AP Spanish and Culture score makes her one of 322 in the world to attain a perfect score on any AP exam last year.

Karina attributes her high marks to her teachers and other staff members at Garey High.

"I spend almost as much time at school as I do at home," Aguilar said in the press release. "It has an amazing family-like atmosphere and the teachers motivate all students to always do the best they can."

Stacey Wilkins, the school's principal, called Karina an inspiration to her fellow classmates and he hopes her success will entice other students to pursue AP classes.

The AP Spanish and Culture test consists of 65 print and audio questions and four free-response writing prompts.

Karina's AP Spanish teacher Jose Morales said he was shocked when he heard the news.

"I was completely surprised, not because she is incapable, but because it is unheard of to get a perfect score on the AP exam," Morales said in the press release. "This is the first time I have heard of it being done, but Karina has always been a driving force in my class and volunteers to help other classmates any chance she gets. She has worked exceptionally hard to get this far."

Karina moved to the United States from Mexico with her family in 2001, according to the Pomona Unified School District. She said she was motivated and inspired by her parents, who worked hard to find jobs in the States to get their kids the best education possible.

Karina said she hopes to one day serve on the Pomona Unified School District Board of Education with the goal of making college more accessible.

Santa Anita High School reported that senior Noeli Zarate also had a perfect score on the AP Spanish and Culture exam.
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