Red Ribbon Parade marches through Old Town Clovis

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Schools across the Valley are celebrating Red Ribbon Week, a national program aimed at drug prevention.

The rain couldn't dampen the spirits of Weldon Elementary School cheerleaders, as they kicked off the 27th annual Red Ribbon Parade Wednesday morning. Chanting and the sound of the Clovis High and Clark band filled Old Town Clovis.

"Red Ribbon Week is very special in Clovis Unified, but this parade is a highlight for these students. They make signs, you'll see hand prints on the signs for all the different groups. It's a big deal for our kids," explained Ray Lozano, principal of Weldon Elementary School.

Lozano says every student at Weldon has a chance to get involved and march down the street through Old Town Clovis with their grade. It's a tradition for many.

Business owners, friends, family and school children watched as each walked down the street. "The parade was amazing, I loved it. I loved everything about it and I loved everybody being happy and upbeat. I like to cheer," said Nicholas Palomares, student.

The Clovis police and fire departments were also a part of the event, meeting kids and showing them their vehicles. Students say they like being a part of this big event. "I think its fun for them, but I think it was more meaning knowing that they can trust their students in having a drug free life," said Sophia Valle, student.

After the parade some students got to hear a positive message about being drug free. Officials say they hope the message, to stay away from drugs and alcohol, will resonate with young students so they can make good life choices. "They need that help rehearsing how to make those decisions. So that when they leave us and our school, they make the right decisions on their own in our community," Lozano explained.

Showing, drug free is the way to be.
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