Student in altercation with school board member attending school

A Bullard high school student who was involved in a physical encounter with a school board member last week has been back in class all week.

His family hired an attorney after seeing surveillance video of the clash with board member Terry Slatic. Attorney Roger Bonakdar says the family has not decided if they will file a lawsuit, and says they are not at this point, looking for money.

"The family's concerns and motivations now are not financial. We are gathering information; we are assessing the situation and their concern is the child is safe, on campus and can go back to his daily routine and has an outlet to someone who he can communicate with and help him deal with the feelings of distrust, of nervousness, of anxiety he experiences now as a result of the incident," said Bonakdar.

Bonakdar says the family is not sure if they will pursue any legal action at this point.

The Fresno County district attorney is considering whether to file criminal charges against board member Terry Slatic.

Slatic is not commenting.
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