Student-run non-profit teaching students valuable life skills

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Students at one Fresno school are developing a sense of community and learning business skills at the district's only student-run non-profit.

The students at Cambridge High School aren't just learning skills like Photoshop and design printing, they're doing all their school projects for other student organizations. And the money they make this year will go towards experiences they've never had before.

"Cambridge Inks" is Fresno Unified's only student-run non-profit organization. "It's kind of an elite group and I think they feel they belong to something and that's unique on this campus," said April Hogue, teacher.

"Cambridge Inks" prints posters, banners, t-shirts and more for local organizations, businesses and clubs. As part of the class at Cambridge High School the students learn about marketing and websites. This year they also get to work with brand new computers and cameras.

The money they receive to commission the projects is given directly back to the students. "It's gonna buy caps and gowns it's gonna buy part of the yearbook they've never had a yearbook here," Hogue explained. It'll also pay for the seniors' first ever "grad night" field trip. The class has brought many students closer together and created a sense of community at the continuation high school.

Saiya Mahavong, senior, said, "We were all quiet students and after this program I got to know more people I got to learn more names and it's fun."

"Cambridge Inks" also brings in guest speakers from local businesses. They hope the experience and the skills they learn gets them thinking about their careers. "We actually get to do things instead of just writing and listening and not only this class helps us for credits but this class helps us for real life," said Sonia Lucero, senior.

After a very short hiatus they want people to know they are open for business, ready to do your next t-shirt order or create a colorful banner. null
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