Students create in-depth election information room at Central High School

FRESNO, Calf. (KFSN) -- Local high school students are learning about the ins-and-outs of this contentious election.

The students at Central East High School spent weeks researching all the candidates up for election and pouring over information about the propositions. They turned that information into a political maze and the result is as fascinating as you can imagine.

Inside Room 1105 at Central High School East Campus you'll find the good, the bad and the downright ugly parts of the election we've come to tolerate. Every proposition from 51 to 67, local, state and national elections are broken down to just the facts.

"Some of the stuff on here me and my partner didn't know," school senior Jasmine Ortega said. "We weren't aware of a lot of stuff that we found out."

This entire wall was dedicated to the propositions. Every senior in American Government classes took part in making these displays, but the man in charge of putting it all together is Charles Teresi.

"Actually it did change my opinion on a couple of the propositions," he said.

The interactive voting guide is meant to inform people about the pros and cons of every issue, but Teresi said it's a little concerning how few people really know what their vote means.

"The last thing you want is say a person going to vote for the first time and all they see is a short little description and not what the proposition actually includes and so they make an emotional decision, not a logical decision," he said.

And not unlike the political ads you've probably seen on TV, the students had to make their own propaganda for every candidate in the presidential race

"A lot of kids were thinking there's only Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump but let's think about other different candidates," teacher Elena Vincent said. "Let's think about Gary Johnson, let's think about Jill Stein now they have other options."

Whether you're a Democrat, Republican or just someone who wants the election to be over. We can all learn from these students, that an educated vote is worth the effort.

Not all of the students can vote yet so after they walked through the maze the teachers had them take a fake exit poll and they plan to compare those results to the real results tomorrow.
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