Students left irate after Central Fresno barber college shuts down

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Students who were working towards getting their barber's license are now left with nothing after they said their Central Fresno school abruptly shut down.

Students said they have been trying to get inside Moler's Barber College since this past weekend but have had no luck. The college is located on Blackstone near Clinton near Fresno City College.

Inez Carmona is irate that the $2,000 she gave to Moler's Barber College to launch her career has gone nowhere.

"You know I'm angry about that I wasted my time and my money you know. The time I could have spent with my kids I spent here for nothing and that gets me angry."

This week, the Sacramento location of Moler's Barber College shut down-- with the Department of Consumer Affairs confirming the owner-- Keno Modica-- has not had a license to operate since April.

April is also when students said they noticed a brief shutdown of the Fresno location.

"Keno told me they were going to reopen, they were just waiting for a fictitious name," said Carmona.

Not so, said the state, because the Fresno location is tied to the Sacramento one and is also not allowed to operate. Meaning dozens of students have been giving the owner and instructor Daron Kelly thousands of dollars to get a barber license that isn't even valid.

Maria Hernandez gave the school $4,500.

"I just want my money or go to another school, I don't know. I want to get my license."

"I have four friends who finished the course, they were waiting for their state boards license and they would call the board and they'd say well we don't have your paperwork. We're talking about months," said Carmona.

Any coursework taken or completed after April 22 is not valid according to the state.

Investigators are working with the students to gather information and see if they can help them.
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