The future of Heald College is unclear

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- More than a hundred students graduated from Heald College during an uncertain time for the college's future.

The Northwest Fresno campus is currently under investigation by the Department of Education and the state's attorney general's office for misleading students to make money. The Department of Education has fined Heald's parent company, Corinthian $30 million dollars say the company misleads students about job placement rates to get them to enroll. But a spokesperson for Heald says graduating from the college gives students a brighter future.

"They worked really hard for these degrees and it's not just about attending classes they have a lot of obstacles in their life," said Carolyn Pierce.

Corinthians is currently trying to sell Heald but the attorney general's office has blocked the sale. Kamala Harris says the company has misled students by inflating records and targeting veterans and vulnerable low-income Californians for profit.

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