UC students worried they may soon see a tuition increase

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- UC Merced students worked through their worries Wednesday, as University of California regents discussed increasing tuition at all UC schools, now being held off until May.

Scholars say they are nervous because they are already on tight budgets.

"You definitely have to watch your spending, cup of noodles all the time college life so I think it would definitely affect a lot of students," said Isabella Barbera.

Some even hanging huge banners on campus reading 'hear our needs, freeze the fees'.

The almost three percent tuition hike would be the second consecutive increase--and mean an added $342 per academic year for state students and an extra $978 for out of state students.

"The bad thing is a lot of people can't really afford schooling here and don't receive that much financial aid, it can really affect them and potentially take away their opportunity to study here, however, I feel like it could be a good thing our campus is definitely expanding and the extra funding could help us," said student Tristan Fong.

The UC Merced Chancellor Dorothy Leland who is in support of the hike says that it won't affect most of their students and 75 percent of them will continue to have their tuition fully paid for by the blue and gold opportunity plan for low-income families.

It is still no comfort to the students who are paying some of their tuition out of pocket with the help of their family.

"I know they're not going to be too happy were always tight on money we try to save as much as we can but it's still going to have a great effect on us," said student April Navarrete.

The tuition hike is said to be used for more financial aid, enrollment growth, faculty, courses, counseling, technology upgrades, building maintenance, and expanded mental health services.

"I don't feel like a student should be the one paying for providing those services," said student Danielle Bermudez.

If approved, the tuition hike would go into effect for the upcoming 2018 to 2019 school year.
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