Valley educators promote college to students with promise of free semester

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It is a promise to Central Valley students from local educators excel in school and we will help you get to college.

"I hope you get a good feel for Fresno State because this place is for all of you," said Joseph Castro, Fresno State President.

Wednesday, through a collaboration with local community colleges, Fresno State launched the Central Valley Promise Campaign during a rally for 600 local high schoolers at the Save Mart Center.

"If you do your part we know that you will become part of that next generation of leaders and help elevate the Valley to new heights never seen before," said Castro.

The purpose of Wednesday's campaign rally was to promote college as a viable option for local students. Kids who participate in the Central Valley promise will attend their first semester at a local community college for free.

"We only have in this country 43-percent of Americans who have degrees, who have college degrees. We have not done enough as a country," said Martha Kanter, College Promise Director.

Students and parents can stay updated and get college ready with the help of a new College Promise app.

"What the college promise really means is we have to do more. We have to make college opportunity real for you," said Kanter.

The Central Valley Promise is modeled after similar efforts in northern and southern California.
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