Local polling places preparing for record turnout on Tuesday

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Millions of Americans will cast their ballots in Tuesday's mid-term elections.

Here locally officials are preparing for what could be a record turn out this cycle.

Early voting is already underway and many people are taking advantage in Fresno County.

Officials are seeing record turnouts with less than a week before Election Day.

"It's normal in these elections to gradually build in your customers, today has been a very busy day I know we're just going to continue and continue," said Fresno County Clerk Brandi Orth.

Voting at the Downtown elections office has started for early birds hoping to avoid the chaos that comes with Election Day.

According to officials, 80,000 voters have sent in their mail-in ballots, a pace that has officials surprised.

"In June of 2018 for the entire election we received back about 99,000 so here we are four days before the election. It'll be exciting to see where those numbers end up to be," said Orth.

Despite a national shortage of poll workers.

Officials say Fresno County has enough people to man the 419 polling stations that are stretched out across the county.

But they are still accepting applications before Tuesday.

"We don't have a shortage but we need more because people's lives change and sometimes at the last minute they cant serve but we definitely need the people at the polling location," said Orth.
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