Electrical fire threatens Church in Central Fresno, officials say

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno Church was spared from major damage after flames ignited in the pastor's office.

It was business, as usual, Friday morning at a church thrift store in Central Fresno, just hours earlier a fire ripped through the building's office space destroying supplies along with a collection of antique books.

Pastor Tom Sims said, "We were so grateful the whole building wasn't engulfed, we had no idea what the situation was going to be."

Sims received the call at 4 a.m. saying the building on Fresno near Ashlan and was on fire. Firefighters got the blaze out quickly and prevented the flames from spreading to the nearby thrift store or church.

The initial report says faulty wiring is to blame.

"It's going to be a hardship, we use electricity every day but you know you step back you step forward," Sims said.

No one was injured, even, Missy, the church cat avoided having to use one of her nine lives but there is damage throughout the church.

Despite the fire, church officials say weekend services will go on as scheduled.

Pastor Marcos Garcia said, "Well we just have to move to a different room... our service is at 10-o'clock in the morning so we just have to move and find another room because the smell is very very strong right now."

Early reports say the fire caused 100,000 dollars worth of damage
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