Coronavirus: Fresno family turns 6-year-old's birthday into magical drive-by celebration

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- During a time when so many people have been sheltering in place, parents have been trying to figure out ways to celebrate their children's birthdays.

Pizza parties were out. But Action News dropped in on a surprise party a Fresno family took to the streets.

Ellie Osburn or 'Princess Ellie' had no idea visitors would come from faraway kingdoms.

Ellie said, "This is the best day ever."

Ellie's front yard was transformed into the Enchanted Forest. Her parents turned her sixth birthday into a drive-by celebration. She said, "It's really fun turning six years old because now I'll be one of the big kids at my pre-school when this virus goes away."

They were still practicing social distancing and the gifts will need to be sanitized prior to the royal feast.

Ellie's mom, 'Queen Julie' Osburn said, "It just makes me so happy. It's been such a stressful time for all of us and to have that smile on her face and that excitement... She said to me this is going to be a birthday I'm always going to remember."

But it was hard to tell who had more fun - the kids or the parents - who have also been cooped up.

Christina Wettstead explained, "I am. I put on make-up today so that says a lot."

Robin Hood even made an appearance. Ellie knows him as Uncle Jeff.

Her dad was dressed as a knight and never broke character. 'Lord Jonathan' Osburn said of the scene, "People driving by in their carriages and those things but if Lord Moridor hadn't put out the Black Plague we wouldn't be in this situation. "

The family hoped others would throw similar parties so they too could get out of the house. The party parade was so fun and successful the Osburns might start celebrating birthdays like this every year.

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