Merced Police investigate possible embezzlement after tenants of mobile home park given eviction notices

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- For seven years, Charlie Strother's called Sierra Portal home.

In those seven years, he says he's always paid his rent on time. That's why he was shocked when he found an eviction notice on his door on Monday.

It stated he owed about 3 months rent, and needed to either pay or leave.

"That really angered me. I'm not the kind of guy who gets scared over something like that. That angered me," Strother said.

Strother claims more than two dozen people inside the trailer park, which is aimed for folks 55 and older, received the notice.

Merced Police say they're now looking into reports of potential theft related to the missing money and the former manager of the property.

"The manager at the time may have been putting these checks into her own personal account at this point we're looking at $10,000 maybe up to $30,000 to $40,000," said Sgt. Ray Alvarez.

Strother says an employee of the company told him about missing payment back in November and that's when he went to the bank to get proof of the cashed checks.
The manager on site refused to speak with us, however, the company that owns the property did give us a statement.

The president of Storz Managment says this is an active investigation that's been turned over to police, and that this matter does not jeopardize the tenancy of any victim.

They go to say quote "We sincerely regret that this happened to our valued residents, and we're working diligently with our accounting, legal, and law enforcement team to resolve this matter."

Strother says he received another letter from the company on Thursday, stating they've canceled the three-day notice.

He still claims they're asking him for the back pay.

"I'm hoping for my whole balance to be cleared, and go back to no issues," said Strother.

The company did send notices out, rescinding the three day notices to those with proof of payment.

Again, this is an active investigation, and police are still working on speaking with tenants and gathering documents.

If there's a victim that investigators haven't spoken with yet, they ask to call them at the Merced Police Department.
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