Emotional testimony in court as victims in Fresno serial groper case took the stand

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A casual bluish grey polo shirt is what each victim identified Deandre Jean Pierre as wearing Tuesday, when the prosecutor asked if they saw their attacker in court.

The approach was different with each victim.

"As she walked by, she heard the defendant cat calling her. Defendant said things like, hey little mama," said Deputy District Attorney David Zimmerman.

One victim testified she was walking to her apartment with her arms full of books when she said she was followed and grabbed. She started crying during intense questioning by the defense.

FRANZ CRIEGO, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: "I know you believe that you saw him."

VICTIM: "I know that I saw him, I don't believe that I saw him. He was standing over me."

DEFENSE ATTORNEY: "Someone standing over you with a hoody correct?"

VICTIM: "That doesn't mean I couldn't see his face."

All of the allegations were during a period of several months near Fresno State. One victim said when she was touched she fought back.

"And so I started hitting him on the back and kicking him because I wasn't going to go down without a fight. And I banged on my door and I kept calling for someone to help me."

The defendant sat without much reaction; his attorney said he will be taking the stand in his own defense.

The defense claims that many of the victims were unable to identify Pierre until his picture was on given out after his arrest. But the victims insisted they got a good look at him and were certain he was the suspect.

Testimony in the case continues on Wednesday.
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