Arnold Schwarzenegger holds contest to 'blow stuff up' for charity

LOS ANGELES -- Arnold Schwarzenegger needs a new sidekick for his next action adventure, and a contest is being held to find that person.

Schwarzenegger is working with Omaze, a Culver City-based company that raises money for charities in creative and often over-the-top ways.

"When we started this company what we really wanted to do was take experiences that have traditionally only been available to wealthy individuals and make them available to anybody out there," said Ryan Cummings, co-founder of Omaze.

For just $10, Omaze gives people the chance to ride shotgun with Dale Earnhardt Jr., attend the "Magic Mike" premiere with Channing Tatum, or unleash their inner Terminator.

The money raised for the contest will go to After-School All-Stars, an organization that provides after-school programs in various cities throughout the U.S.

Last year, Omaze raised more than $1 million for the charity doing a contest where a fan got the chance to ride in a tank with Schwarzenegger.

Now, Omaze is upping the ante this year. The lucky winner and a friend will get to blow things up with the former "Governator."

Those looking to enter can do so at
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