Hanford baby hates Disney's 'Let It Go' song from the movie Frozen

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- By now you should know what side you're on when it comes to the Disney hit Frozen song, "Let It Go." You either hate it, or love it. And one eight-month-old baby girl is making it clear she is not a fan.

In the clip, Harper is seen sitting around giggling. But as soon as "Let It Go" plays, her smile turns into a frown and she begins wailing. Her mom Raegan says she believes her baby girl hates the song because her older sister wore the song out by playing it over and over again.

The Hanford mother posted the clip on her Facebook page, where it has been viewed nearly 1.5 million times! Harper's mother says she can't believe how many times the video has been watched and shared.

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