'Bachelor' Peter's biggest obstacle to finding love seems to be his mom

NEW YORK -- For the first time in "Bachelor" history, no one really knew how this journey for Peter would end. I'm still not sure quite what happened. Chris Harrison surprised everyone with Kelley in the audience (we never hear from her). She was not at "The Women Tell All." Also, Neil Lane the diamond guy was there...What could all of that mean? We would soon find out, and it's more wild than imagined.

Madison left before the final rose ceremony and then Peter just had Hannah Ann left. He feels that she is his person and he feels like he has what he's always wanted. That should make his mom happy at least. Peter picked out an engagement ring with Neil Lane in Australia for Hannah Ann. He picked out a pear shaped diamond for her. Peter called Hannah Ann's dad and got his blessing. He was pumped up! However, Hannah Ann felt uncertain because Peter told her that his heart was being pulled in two different directions.

Chris Harrison arrived at the site of the final rose and told Peter that he wasn't sure if Hannah Ann was going to show up. Peter had a bit of a nervous breakdown, but then Chris returned and told Peter to get ready because Hannah Ann was on her way. Peter manned up and walked outside to the rose podium. Both Peter and Hannah Ann looked like they wanted to throw up. It wasn't as happy a mood going into it as you would like to see. Peter's heart was pounding.

Once Hannah Ann could read Peter's face, her expression changed. She seemed to lighten up and seemed happy to see Peter. He told her that Madison left two days ago. He started to talk about all of the things he loved about her and then said, "My heart chooses you forever. I love you, Hannah Ann. The love that you showed me is all that I ever wanted, and I never want to let you go," Peter said. "You love me?" Hannah Ann said in disbelief. Then, Peter got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Hannah Ann said a very enthusiastic "YES!" She added, "I can't believe you are all mine, I get to love you forever." She happily accepted Peter's final rose and they were happy and gushing!

Back in Los Angeles, we see Peter return home to tell his parents the good news. His mom immediately began crying, as that's what she does every single time she sees Peter. She held hands with Peter's brother as he told them that he was engaged to Hannah Ann. His mom cried tears of joy and screamed. His dad and brother were also very relieved to hear that news. They called Hannah Ann on Facetime and they congratulated her and his mom kept calling Hannah Ann her "daughter."

Peter then came out on the live stage and said that he still was struggling with his feelings for Madison once he was engaged to Hannah Ann. To be broken up with by one person and then engaged to another within two days is a lot to deal with.

Peter and Hannah Ann met up one month later and it seemed really awkward. Cameras were rolling as Hannah Ann said things have been hard and Peter told her she was, "The most amazing rock." Peter said to Hannah Ann that he loved her but he's been struggling. Hannah Ann said that she said "yes" to being teammates and going through things together, but if he can't give love in return, "it's not a relationship." She said that she gave him that love because it's what she wanted in return, and Hannah Ann flat out asked him if he could love her. He said that he wanted to so badly, but Peter said he couldn't. What?! "You took away from me, my first engagement," Hannah Ann told him. She was very clear and blunt and excused herself to go cry in the bathroom alone. Peter sat on the couch and cried. Back on the live show, his parents did not look happy and neither did Peter as he sat with Chris Harrison on the stage.

Back at the breakup, Hannah said, "I said 'yes' and I get this?!" She asked him why he didn't just let her go instead of taking it all away from her. He swore to her that he could not ever imagine this happening. She told him that she couldn't look at him anymore and she didn't want to be with someone who was "torn and conflicted 90% of the time." She added, "I don't need anything more from you. You've done enough damage." Hannah Ann gave him back the ring and told him to let her go. Peter tried to follow after her but she said she was "off to get her life back on track, where it originally was before this." She left in the limo and was so strong. Honestly, she was a pillar.

Peter looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole on the live stage. He says he feels awful and said that he couldn't match what she was giving to him, which wasn't fair to her. Hannah Ann came out on stage. This was the first time they had seen each other since their breakup. Peter's mom gave her a big cheer as she walked out. How sad for her too! After the breakup, he called Hannah Ann's parents and said that he wished he had met their daughter outside of reality TV. It's just incredibly so unfair to her. She didn't know what she was saying yes to and she said she wished she had known Madison left, and the full story behind their relationship. He said that he felt like the pain with Madison was a temporary pain and he would get over it and move on with Hannah Ann, but he never got over it. She said that him needing closure with Hannah Brown was her first red flag in their relationship and she urged him to be a real man first before he gives his heart to another woman. Ouch!

Chris Harrison went to Alabama to talk to Madison because he said he personally thought that Peter wasn't over her. Madison said she was super shocked to see Chris Harrison. She told him that she's been having a hard time and that she could hardly eat. Peter's mom appeared to roll her eyes watching the footage. Madison told Chris that she regrets what she did and she wished she had done things differently. Madison asked Chris what happened. He told her that Peter got engaged and Madison cried. He told Madison that Peter doesn't know he's there. He told her that Peter is single and he ended his engagement with Hannah Ann. She asked if Peter was OK, and Chris made a ehhh face. Chris asked Madison if she was in love with Peter...and she said she wanted details and Chris said that he did this because of her. Chris said, "I think in Peter's dream, he would be with you." Wow. Madison said that if she had a second chance she would, "take it in a heartbeat."

Madison got on a plane and flew immediately to LA. They keep showing Peter's mom in a box in the corner. Barb does not look happy. Madison met Peter in the backyard by their pool and he immediately smiled when he saw her. He asked her what she was doing there and she said that she wanted to talk. She told Peter that she still had "so much love in my heart for you." Peter said that he made "a million and one mistakes." Peter told her that he fell in love with her and he apologized for repeatedly messing up. He told her that he didn't fall out of love with her. They certainly seemed to still be in love!

Back on stage, Peter told Chris Harrison that he was still in love with Madison. Barb was stone faced. Madison came on stage and said that she was scared to see Peter. So where is their relationship? Madison said that she still loves Peter, Peter loves her. Chris Harrison asked Peter and Madison, "So how is this going to end?" Peter said that they both need to do a lot of healing, and he wants to take things one day at a time in their relationship. He wants to be in a relationship. Barb was asked how she felt about everything and said, "It started on a rocky road because she had us wait three hours." Remember that long talk they had while she had to decide if she wanted to continue? Madison never apologized. She asked Madison if she would accept a proposal back, and she told Barb "No." Barb says there was a lot we didn't get to see at home.

Madison responded to Peter's mom and said, "At the end of the day, it is what it is." She really wasn't apologizing for anything. Madison said that she isn't a mom and she doesn't know what it's like to have children, but she does love and respect Peter and therefore respects his family as well and would never say anything bad about them. Wow. Classy answer. Peter knows that his family's feelings are coming from a place of love, but he's hoping that as they get to know Madison that their feelings will change. Peter asked them to give her time and a fair chance. Barb responded with more of the same, and Madison said that this was her journey too and this was her choosing Peter. Chris Harrison asked Barb if she would give it a fair shot, and Barb said, "He's got to fail to succeed." She added that this relationship won't work. Peter said, "I'm telling you that I love Madison, and that should be enough." Peter Sr. said that he hates the situation and it's telling to him that "there are so many obstacles in this way to even get to this point." He feels it's the wrong place and way to start a relationship. Chris Harrison said that he hopes and wishes Madison and Peter the best. Chris Harrison promised to "be there" for them.

The show ended with the new "Bachelorette" Clare Crawley being reintroduced to America. She ended the show hugging Peter's mom. She looked like she needed a hug after all that, or she will after she reads all of the tweets about the live show.

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