Bill Cosby's Turlock show goes on amid scandal

TURLOCK, Calif. (KFSN) -- Bill Cosby performed in the North Valley on Sunday night, amid sexual abuse allegations from dozens of women. The Turlock Community Theater is one of a handful of venues that chose not to cancel his shows.

For Cosby, the show must go on, even if dozens of women are accusing him of sex crimes. Allegations of sexual abuse resurfaced in October, resulting in the cancellation of many of his events and even new projects.

But in Turlock, a sold-out crowd packed the theater to see him live. Outside, security guards prepared for rowdy protesters -- not unlike those who showed up to Cosby's performance in Denver Saturday night, but a different story in the Central Valley with a lone protester rallying by herself.

"Everyone says, 'Why didn't they come forward?' Well if they knew no one was going to believe them and if they knew everyone was going to blame them," said Suzette Sims.

More than a thousand people attended the Sunday night show -- many of them saying they're not going to jump to any conclusions about the comedian.

"Innocent until proven guilty; that's the way I look at it," said Phil Perry.

But a likely bigger reason the show didn't get canceled? Some say money.

"I think we would end up going bankrupt if we had to give all the money back in tickets tonight because it was a sold-out performance, plus his money that we would owe him; it would kill us," said Peggy McRoberts.

And since the allegations, Cosby's newest TV show has been canceled, and a comedy special he was set to star in has been postponed indefinitely.

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