LAPD beefs up security at 'Straight Outta Compton' screenings

LOS ANGELES -- Theaters were beefing up security Thursday ahead of the release of "Straight Outta Compton," the biopic based on N.W.A.

The film depicts gang violence that plagued South Los Angeles in the 1980s, and Los Angeles police worry the violence on the screen will bleed into real life.

"Maybe different factions or youngsters from different gangs will show up at the same theater at the same time and that's always a bad recipe," LAPD spokesman Andy Smith said.

It's not the first time that a provocative film has prompted security concerns. Other gang-related films like New Jack City and Boyz n the Hood resulted in violence in the city.

The film's distributor released a statement that reads in part: "The studio has not solicited enhanced security for the theaters, which will be showing it this weekend, but has partnered with those exhibitors who have requested support for their location."

Smith says the department's concerns go beyond possible gang violence.

"We've seen violence across the country at different movie theaters. Obviously, that's a concern for us in Los Angeles. We don't have any expectations that something's going to happen here, but we want to be prepared," Smith said.

LAPD will not be staffing with extra officers, but redeploying officers to patrol the theaters that are screening the movie. null
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