Mr. Penguin in town to celebrate the holidays

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It may be Christmas time at Timberline Court, but this line is not for Santa Claus. Instead, it is lights, camera, penguin?

Nobody knows how many are in the village just that they collectively wobble and squabble from the South Pole to Hanford every year.

Bob Stewart and the neighbors lend the birds their yards.

"He starts about three weeks before the season, and it's a full-time job almost all day he's out here getting things ready, he's a perfectionist," said Stewart.

Mr. Penguin's colony presents all sorts of questions. What is a seven-foot-tall flightless bird doing in the Valley?

Michael says he knows

"I think he said to take a picture, so smile," said Michael.

His mom says she never thought this unlikely attraction would become a family tradition.

"The kids asked, like by December 2nd. They remember Mr. Penguin," said Elizabeth Sasseli.

The neighbors say they don't mind the holiday traffic at all.

"He's very cheerful, he loves kids, and this is what he lives for, to do this, it really does," said Stewart.

Despite his warm spirit, much of Mr. Penguin remains a mystery, including just what exactly he is saying.

"It's penguinese, that's all we know."

Whatever the words that come out of his beak, it is enough to draw all who pass through the neighborhood in for a smile.
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