Plenty of work goes into getting Clovis Rodeo ready

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Thousands of people across the Valley are expected to attend the 101st Clovis Rodeo. (KFSN)

This is the calm before cowboys and bulls take over the Clovis Rodeo arena. Tractors smoothing the grounds and steer are getting ready for the prequalifying rounds.

"There's always a bunch of details, and then it's go go go until the last minute, and then it's showtime," Clovis Rodeo Association President Greg Gillard said.

Gillard says the association has been working hard all year for the start of the 101st Clovis Rodeo. In the livestock area, legendary stock contractor John Growney says his bulls know it's almost rodeo time.

"They know their job starts tonight and they're probably kicking back talking about the cowboys they're going to draw and the ones they're going to throw off. So I swear they're looking forward to it," said Growney.

Growney says food and exercise help start the day off right for these 1,600-pound athletes. As far as advice to other cowboys, he's rooting for his bulls.

"I said, 'Hey, I'm like a soccer mom, you're dealing with my babies, and we're going to buck your butt off,'" said Growney.

While the bulls are calm, food vendors are busy. The Kiwanis Club started the day off serving breakfast and dicing and slicing along the way. Volunteers with the Boy Scout troop 354 unloaded their supplies to serve thousands of thirsty and hungry rodeo goers. And one of the most popular booths came with lots of tri tip: 8,000 pounds in fact.

"We have a lot of work to do because we have a rush that comes in. When the gates open, they're ready to eat, so we got to get ready," Clovis Rodeo volunteer David Scharton said.

Volunteers say after unpacking supplies, they will start barbecuing for several hours.

At the ticket office, employees were busy before the windows even opened.

"They're coming in off the Internet, they're calling in and they're walking up to the ticket office," Clovis Rodeo Association Director Chuck Rigsbee said.

Officials expect their hard work to pay off when the rodeo kicks off Thursday night. They expect 40,000 people during the four-day run.

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