Ronan Farrow discusses 'swath of secret emails,' Matt Lauer in new book 'Catch and Kill'

SAN FRANCISCO -- Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Ronan Farrow discussed his long-awaited new book titled "Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators" on KGO-TV's "Midday Live."

The book details Farrow's journey first discovering and then reporting Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct as well as the intricate web of operatives trying to silence him.

"What it looks like is a swath of secret emails and at least 15 calls between Harvey Weinstein and NBC executives, in which they have previously concealed and are now admitting to, with shocking assurances that the story would be killed," Farrow said.

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The book also contains claims of sexual assault by former "Today Show" host Matt Lauer. Farrow said he'd learned of seven claims of sexual misconduct raised by women who worked with Lauer. "Several said they had told colleagues, and believed the network knew about the problem," he wrote.

NBC Chairman Andrew Lack, in a memo sent to network staff, said the network hadn't known of Lauer's behavior with Nevils until the day before he was fired. An internal investigation uncovered no claims or settlements associated with allegations of inappropriate conduct by Lauer before he was fired, Lack said.

Farrow indicated that Lauer's behavior was an open secret at NBC. He quoted Lauer's former co-anchor Ann Curry - who left "Today" on bad terms with Lauer - saying she had told NBC executives that Lauer "had a problem with women" and they had to keep an eye on him.
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