Aspiring entrepreneurs at Fresno State learn what it takes to launch a start-up company

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tuesday, Fresno State entrepreneur students presented their business idea to a panel of judges as part of the 157 Entrepreneurship Expo.

Professor Nelson Sebra created the event in 2014 to provide students with the opportunity to market their businesses at a trade show.

"It is one thing to want to be in business and it is another thing to actually understand what that involves. And so any business you have you are going to need to promote it. And so this is an opportunity for them to have their first experience."

Each entrepreneur worked with designers to develop branding and marketing materials to showcase their business concept.

Courtney Passmore hopes the expo will help her business, Cookie Doughlish, find a place on grocery store shelves.

"The program at Fresno State has really given me all the confidence that I need to actually do that. All the keys, and it has given them this huge network and it just has actually showed me how to start a business from step to step."

Passmore's idea for a 100-percent edible egg free cookie dough came from her sisters at home.

Daniel Malcolm came up with idea to sell sparkle ties from when he lived in Korea for two years.

"When I came back to the US I couldn't find ties like these anymore and people were asking me where do you get these ties or where can I get them? And that's when I came up with the idea to start a business."

Each of these students will graduate this semester and hope their business will be a hit in the real world.
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